I do readings in my home or via Zoom if that is your preference, or you are not local.

Private coaching sessions for independent learners are available - guidance on the journey through your exploration of astrology.

If you would like to host an astrology event in your home, please contact me. Some topics we have explored:

The Astrology of Love and Desire

The Chart Ruler

Reincarnation in the Birth Chart

Venus: Your Place in the Net of Gems

Any area of interest can be explored through the lens of astrology - creativity, business, finances, parenting, relationships, career and more.

Reincarnation Studies

These sessions are structured around the growing body of scientific evidence. We will examine case studies across time and space, from cultural, religious, historical, scientific, philosophical, psychological, ethical, and mythological perspectives. 

Our discussions will include skeptical arguments against reincarnation, and areas of research that support the idea, such as Near-Death Experiences, regression therapy, spontaneous memories, prodigies, and modern physics. Karma, consciousness, and theories of personality will be part of our intellectual and spiritual journey. We will also explore New Age ideas - Soul Mates, Walk-Ins, and Life-Between-Lives regression therapy.

We will apply these ideas to your horoscope.

Reincarnation is the only after-life theory for which there is substantial evidence - but you do not need to believe in reincarnation to participate. 

Class size is limited. Please email me at [email protected] to reserve your spot.

Holiday Decorating with Astrology

Redfin reached out to me and other astrologers across North America for our best tips on how to decorate your home with inspiration from the zodiac.

Check out what we had to say on how you can incorporate Astrology into your holiday decor - 

It’s a Sign: Experts Share Holiday Decor Inspiration for Your Zodiac Sign  


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